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Entertainer Type Wedding Comedy Acts

The Wedding Comedian

Short DescriptionMake your wedding the one their all talking about with the The Wedding Comedian
Entertainer Type Wedding Comedy Acts

WEDDINGS BY The Wedding Comedian

The Winner of best entertainment award 2016. The Wedding Comedian's numerous television appearances and credits include: The Late Late Show, The Saturday Night Show, The Miriam Show, The Morning Show, Celebrity ICA Boot camp, RTE News, TV3 News and more.

Congratulations you’re getting married!!!

Ok, you’ve got a lot of work to do, and of course, not enough time to do it all!
Well, let us help with one of your chores, how to keep your guests entertained during that dreaded after dinner lull that exists at all weddings. You know the part, when the meal is over and all your guests disappear…to their bedrooms, go for a walk around the grounds or simply get missing… and you and yours truly are left in a half empty room trying to get everyone back for the most important part of you big day.

Here is the perfect solution to that fearful lull after the meal and before the dancing starts.

Give your guests an after dinner show, that will have everyone laughing off those dinner belly’s and turn your special day into the best wedding they were ever at, with the Award Winning Dave Young and his Wedding comedian show!

Make your wedding truly memorable, original and a fantastic day!

Your in for a great time with The Wedding Comedian!


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