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Bagpipes can help you create a very unique atmosphere on your Wedding day. Pipers have been entertaining guest at weddings, banquets and parties for centuries and pipe music brings a historical perspective to your special day.

There are three parts to a wedding where bagpipes are usually played – the Church/Registry Office, the Reception and the Bride and Grooms entrance to the meal.

The Church/Registry Office
The unique sound of the bagpipes movingly announces the arrival of the bride as she is piped down the isle. Some nice slow aires are played at communion (if requested). The bride and groom begin the celebrations of their marriage by being piped with some lively tunes out of the Church. A couple of tunes are played outside the Church as your guests congratulate you.

The Reception
Imagine arriving in style to your hotel with a piper playing to announce you. Imagine how all your guests will feel as a piper welcomes them to your wedding. As you and your guests enjoy the reception the bagpipes play in the background creating a memorable and unique atmosphere. And then … the moment has arrived … all your guests are in the dining room awaiting the Best Man to announce “Please be up standing for the Bride and Groom …”, you feel your heart beating … the drones of the bagpipes sound … the lively music takes off … you enter the dining room … everyone roars in appreciation and celebration … you then know and feel … this is One of the Best Moments of Your Life!

On the day I am very flexible to your needs and treat every wedding with the special uniqueness it deserves – I am committed to providing a Professional and Excellent Service and above all, I keep it very simple for you!


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Entertainer Type Wedding Pipers


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