Add SoundCloud Audio to your Premium Profile

Your Wedding Band on Soundcloud


What is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is a website and app that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created music. It’s extremely easy to use and allows bands to setup purchase links to their tracks, view stats, and even see the locations of people listening to their music. Millions of people use SoundCloud to listen to music and audio for free. >> Click here to Join Soundcloud now

How do I add my Soundcloud tracks to my Premium Profile Page here?

It’s very easy to add the Soundcloud app to your Profile page, and once added it can be found under your “sample audio/video” tab. Just follow the steps below.

step 1

Navigate to the Soundcloud track or profile you want to add, and click on the Share button:

Soundcloud Click Share Button

On Soundcloud – Click the Share Button

step 2

Next Click on the Embed tab.

Next click Embed

Next click on Embed

step 3

Now you want to copy the code. So right-click on the code, choose select all, right-click again and click copy.

Copy the Code

Copy the Code

step 4

Now all you have to do is Paste this code into the form below. We’ll add it to your profile for you.

Important! Hold down Ctrl and V on your keyboard to paste the code.

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March 2, 2015